[FF14] patch 5.5 "Dawn deadly battle" special site update! ! New items for MainQue, New ID, and Werrito!

Notes about English pages
The English page is a simple machine translation of Japanese.


Patch 5.5 special site update

The items added this time are the main que, new ID, and Wellito campaign, which are also in the title.

The new ID item also includes bosses and screenshots of equipment!

※I’m translating Japanese so please forgive me if the text is strange.


Dawn’s Deadly Battle Part 1

Returning to the primal world, the friends of the “Clan of Dawn” established a cure for Temperd and took a major step toward true reconciliation with the heterogeneous tribes that have been called barbarians. However, those who bring “doomsday” to the world behind that. Hacien Fadaniel and others in motion. What is the identity of the
eerie towers that suddenly appeared in various places?

New ID “Golden Plains Pagarzan”

In Pagarzan, adjacent to Zanalan, the Amalja people have been nomadic since ancient times chasing lizards and sheep. The hand of fire goes up to their maximum and only settled city, Zoremak!



The last one of the weapon series, diamond weapon…. The pure white armor that seems to reflect the heart that wants to save someone, and the presence with a blood-black core that the victim shed, finally start to mov
e. Who’s wishing for “The Strongest Weapon” to be put on — Werrito’s role, completed here.

PATCH5.5 黎明の死闘 DEATH UNTO DAWN | ファイナルファンタジーXIV: 漆黒のヴィランズ 公式サイト


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