[FF14] Patch 5.3 special site public! ! (Latest ID, Boss SS, etc.)

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Patch 5.3 Special Site (‘·ω·’)

5.3 Screenshots of main quests and new instance dungeons are available

A little more?Patch 5.3 will be released on August 11 (‘·ω·’)

The 59th Producer Letter Live, which will be broadcast from 20:00 on July 22, is also required to confirm (‘·ω,’)!!


Main Quest “Crystal Afterlight”

The hero Albert, who suddenly made a comeback – is The Hashien Elidymbus.
As the return to the original world approaches, the “Blood of Dawn” and the hero “Warrior of Darkness” can stop the mysterious Elidives plan.
What is the jet-black ending that the afteraminal light of the crystal shines?

Instance Dungeon “Jet Black Decisive Battle Norvrant”

It is a trial to the heroes, proof of the journey that has walked.
Rebels, run to the land of the decisive battle!

New equipment

All head equipment with a mask?( ́・ω・’)

Battle of Avenging

The battle of destruction is Naisho until the public! (‘·ω·’)b

Chronicle Quest “War of Wellit”

Releasers who succeeded in intercepting “Ruby Weapon” based on information brought about by gaius, a former enemy.In order to stop the weapon development plan, a new operational action is developed.

I’m worried about being inside again! ( ́・ω・’)

Key additional content

  • Main Quest
  • Instance Dungeon “Jet Black Decisive Battle Norvrant”
  • Subjugation and subjugation battle
  • Alliance Raid Dungeon “YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse Puppet Tachino Military Base”
  • Chronicle Quest “War of Wellit”
  • Socho’s Fantasy Board “Phantom Shiva War”
  • Customer Trading Barbarian Quest: Dwarfs
  • Save the Queen
  • Large-scale Battle Content “Southern Bozuya Front”
  • Ishgard Reconstruction Update
  • Sky Steel Tool Update
  • Renovation of the new area
  • Production practice
  • Added chapter corresponding to “Tsuytere New Game”
  • General shop

What I personally care about with the additional content is the large-scale battle content [Southern Bozuya Front]!

It is not a main quest, but it is not diagonally on (·ω·) v

PATCH5.3 クリスタルの残光 REFLECTIONS IN CRYSTAL | ファイナルファンタジーXIV: 漆黒のヴィランズ 公式サイト


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